Colombia is outstanding for its amount of artisan crafts. The artisan Colombian products characterize in big variety in every region and it goes along with is geographic diversity from the guajira, amazons, Nariño, and Putumayo to orinoquia. Each people shows their creativity and imagination and talent.


Molas masterfully worked by the Kuna Indians living in the Colombian Uraba and the coastline Atlantic Coast running from Colombia  to Panama.  Molas  are an fabric application superimposed multi-color, that cut and sewn by hand, form beautiful geometric figures representing the flora and fauna of the region where the live. 

The mola or molas, forms part of the traditional outfit of a Kuna woman, two mola panels being incorporated as front and back panels in a blouse.

Buying our products Claudia Severino Boutique is helping to bring process and development to the communities of these cultures, especially the single mothers who are the main knitters, as well as perpetuating the historical legacy of our indigenous cultures, whose designs are inspired by stories of their daily experiences and issues related to nature and animals, making them a true work of ancient art.

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