Created with genuine leather and accented with a 6.25in x 3.75in piece of hand crafted Colombian mola.  The front flap contains a mirror and hides a secondary zippered pocket.

Approximate outer dimensions: 5.25in x 4.5in


The Guna, also known as Kuna or Cuna, are an indigenous people of Panama and Colombia. The current preferred and legally recognized spelling is Guna. In the Kuna language, they call themselves Dule or Tule, meaning "people", and the name of the language in Kuna is Dulegaya, literally "people-mouth". The Kuna live in three politically autonomous comarcas or reservations in Panama, and in a few small villages in Colombia. There are also communities of Kuna people in Panama City, Colón, and other cities. The most Kunas live on small islands off the coast of the comarca of Kuna Yala known as the San Blas Islands. The other two Kuna comarcas in Panama are Kuna de Madugandí and Kuna de Wargandí. They are Chibchan-speaking Indian people who once occupied the central region of what is now Panama and the neighbouring San Blas Islands and who still survive in marginal areas. 
They use recycled cloth for the patterns. Their messages come from the heart and mind, in addition to their experience with nature.

Cosmetic Bag with Mola and Mirror.


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